Multi-Century Perspectives on Current and Future Flow in the Lower Missouri River Basin

This collaborative research project builds on prior work to generate high-quality, long-term records of past streamflow in the Lower Missouri River basin.  Several complementary dendrochronology reconstruction approaches will focus on water-year and seasonal runoff and improved estimates of extreme high and low flow.

Project objectives include:

  • Use gage data, estimates of natural flow, and modeled hydrology to develop streamflow calibration series for reconstructions
  • Generate reconstructions of streamflow for key sub-basin gages in the Lower Missouri River, along with spatial reconstructions of runoff for the basin, with an added focus on extreme high (experimental) and low flows
  • Evaluate multi-century synoptic climate controls on Lower Missouri River flow within a broader North American context
  • Analyze the impact of warming temperatures on future flow

An additional goal is to engage with resource managers through meetings and a final workshops with the aim of producing reconstructions and projection information that is useful for water resource management.